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Dublin Blues (Clark Guy)

Tuning: Dropped D Capo: 3rd Fret D D D e|-----------2------|----------------------------|- B|-----------3------|----------------------------|- G|-----------2------|----------------------------|- D|------0-----------|--0--2--4*-4-2--0------0----|- A|-0---2---0-2*-0---|------------------0-2*---2--|- D|-0--------------0-|---------------------------0|- * Hammer/pull-off D G+ D I wish I was in Austin A In the Chili Parlour Bar D Drinkin' Mad Dog Margaritas G D And not carin' where you are D G+ D But here I sit in Dublin A Just rollin' cigarettes D Holdin' back and chokin' back G D The shakes with every breath CHORUS: A Forgive me all my anger D Forgive me all my faults A There's no need to forgive me D For thinkin' what I though A I loved you from the git go D I'll love you till I die A I loved you on the Spanish steps G D The day you said goodbye I am just a poor boy Work's my middle name If money was a reason I would not be the same I'll stand up and be counted I'll face up to the truth I'll walk away from trouble But I can't walk away from you I have been to Fort Worth I have been to Spain I have been to proud To come in out of the rain I have seen the David I've seen the Mona Lisa too I have heard Doc Watson Play Columbus Stockade Blues (OPAKOVAT CHORUS) (OPAKOVAT 1. cast VERSE 1)