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Hollywood (Clark Guy)

Well, I was passing by a pawn shop In an older part of town Something caught my eye And I stopped and turned around I stepped inside and there I spied In the middle of it all Was a beat up old guitar Hanging on the wall "What do you want for that piece of junk?" I asked the old man He just smiled and took it down And he put it in my hand He said, "You tell me what it's worth You're the one who wants it" Tune it up, play a song And let's just see what haunts it So, I hit a couple of chords In my old country way of strumming And then my fingers turned to lightning Man, I never heard it coming It was like I always knew it I just don't know where I learned it It wasn't nothin' but the truth So I just reared back and burned it Well, I lost all track of time There was nothing I couldn't pick Up and down the neck I never missed a lick The guitar almost played itself There was nothing I could do It was getting hard to tell Just who was playing who When I finally put it down I couldn't catch my breath My hands were shaking And I was scared to death The old man finally got up Said, "Where in the hell you been? I've been waiting all these years For you to stumble in" Then he took down an old dusty case Said, " Go on and pack it up You don't owe me nothing" And then he said, "Good luck" There was something spooky in his voice And something strange on his face When he shut the lid I saw my name was on the case