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Madonna w/Child ca. 1969 (Clark Guy)

Oh the beautiful red-haired Madonna with child Sat on the curb wearin' a smile That doubled up the years And trebled the miles And comforts the babe In the softest of style She work up in San Francisco On the day she turned 16 Haight St. was somethin' then Hey man you should have seen And she took up with this drummer In some goodtime Texas scene And she loved him till the day they Shipped him back home to Killeen She said she danced up in North Beach When the need arose She's tryin' to start a little trade Of makin' people clothes To feed the child and pay the rent And everybody knows She's a little hard for 21 But that's the way she goes She's livin' on next to nothin' And memories from the past just a fading flower child Tryin' to make it last She's got answers to some questions I would not dare to ask Survival's never graceful When the changes come that fast