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Me I'm Feelin' the Same (Clark Guy)

Hooray for the drinkin' warm red wine On a day both bright and fair Hooray for the layin' and playin' a tune On the sunlight through your hair, your hair The sunlight through your haur Well I wish that I was a fiddle bow Flyin across the strings And you've takin me at hand these days By making that fiddle sing to you, Makin that fiddle sing I wanna be felling that feelin, ood I wanna be feelin' no pain I wan to be feelin my love love me Me, I'm feelin the same, the same Me, I'm feeling the same Now you lookin' like the mornin' side Of the best day I've ever seen You lookin' like hope to a hopeless fool Like the end of an old bad dream, I mean That it must've been an old bad dream So let's go sailin from shore to sea On a ship both bright and fine And we'll run and hollar before the wind To begin no wearin' time, oh time With a fiddle and that wine