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New Cut Road (Clark Guy)

Coleman Bonner was a fiddle playin’ fool A backwoods rounder and a breaker of mules Coleman Bonner’s got a wore out bow He’s been playin two days down the new cut road Coleman’s little sister said you better act right Coleman Daddy;s gone to Louisville He’ll be back tonight He’s gonna get another wagon and a good pair of mules And we gonna move to Texas we just waitin’ on you Coleman’s daddy he pulled up in the yard He said pack up you lives kids it’s gettin’ to hard Kentucky’s alright but there’s too many people Just the other day I thought I saw a church steeple Coleman said daddy you don’t neet to worry ‘bout me I’m gonna stay here in Kentucky till the day I d. I’m gonna drink that sourmash and race that mare I got me a woman with the fox red hair Y’all been movin’ west since the day you go married Well I’m gettin’ off the wagon daddy I’m too old to be carried I’m gonna stay here in Kentucky where the bluegrass grows And I’m gonna play it all night down the new cut road Coleman’s daddy said now what’s it all comin’ to Young people these days are as stubborn as mules You can’t make him go he’s too old for that It’s that damned old fiddle and that bowler hat Coleman’s mama said le the boy stay cause He’s raised up right and he can find his own way But as for me honey I’m with you I always thought Kentucky was just passin’ through Coleman’s little sister started in a crying And his daddy shook his head for the very last time Coleman’s mama said somebody’s gotta do it There wouldn’t be no Kentucky unless you didn’t stick to it Coleman Coleman Bonner stood on the porch of that cabin And watched em all go to Texas in a covered wagon He pulled out his fiddle and rosined up his bow And played a little tune called the New Cut Road