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Supply and Demand (Clark Guy)

What is that sound what is that noise I cannot figure it out for the life of me boys Is it the coast guard or is it the wind Is it the mother ship comin' again Convicted on charges of supply and demand he was unloadin' the American Dream Caught in the middle of a bigger plan it was a South American scheme He is no smuggler he is a fisherman all of his debts they are owed to the sea Some call it justice but it just ain't right this ain't live and let live and let be He sing what is that sound... Layin' in his cell and thinkin' bout Ulysses How he picked up his oar and walked away from the sea Until someone said you ain't from round here are you And that's how far away he feels He thinks of his wife and he thinks of his children Ande thinks about 'em takin' his boat He thinks about the killer in the bunk below And he's tryin' to keep his hopes afloat He sing what is that sound... Singin' what is that sound...