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Virginia's Real (Clark Guy)

Gents to the middle said a young girl's fiddle and you ain't got nothin' to lose Allemande right she can play it all night she can fiddle off the bottom of your shoes Oh me, oh my, how she makes that bowhair fly How she hangs that music (crystal) in the air Promenade down to the lonesome sound of a whippoorwill in the night Sashay back look at old mad Jack hugging everything in sight Banjo Bill he stopped stock still as the notes came a'rolling by It filled his ears and eased his fears and a tear come to his eye The old string bass he lost his place and his arms they felt like steel The guitar man dropped both his hands and he swore it was not real It's golden strings on eagle's wings to the callin' of the squares There's fiddle tunes and there's fiddle tunes but Virginia's splittin' hairs She cast a spell no tongue can tell no prophet can reveal Quiet as death hold your breath she played Virginia's Real