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Believe In Me (Lovato Demi)

Intro: C G F C Piano: E|-3-1-0---3-1-0---3-1-0-----| B|-------3-------3-------3-1-| G|---------------------------| D|---------------------------| A|---------------------------| E|---------------------------| Em F C 1. I'm losing myself Em F C Trying to compete Em F Am G with everyone else F Instead of C just being me Em F Don't know C where to turn Em I've been stuck F C in this routine Em F I need to Am G F change my ways Dm Instead of always F being weak C G R1:I don't wanna be afraid Am G I wanna wake up feeling F C beautiful today G And know that I'm okay Am Cause everyone's perfect G F in unusual ways G F You see I just wanna believe in me C *: La la la la G F C La la la la 2. The mirror can lie It doesn't show you what's inside And it it can tell you you're full of lies It's amazing what you can hide Just by, put-ting C on a, smile R1:I don't wanna be afraid... Dm Em F Am *: I'm quickly finding out Dm Em F I'm not about to break Bb(hold) F(hold) down not today C G R2: I guess I always knew Am That I had all G the strength F to make it through D A 3. I don't wanna be afraid Bm A I wanna wake up feeling G D beautiful today A And know that I'm okay Bm Cause everyone's perfect A G in unusual ways A G You see I just wanna believe in me Outro: D A G D