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Mistake (Lovato Demi)

G Bm A Bm G Bm A D A/C# 1. Now that I'm thinking sober Bm A Don't you try to get no closer G D/F# I'm just gonna get in my G A car and drive and drive D A/C# Looking in the rearview mirror Bm A Everything is so much clearer G D/F# G A Watch me wave it all goodbye goodbye G *: The light's flashing A Bm giving me all the danger signs G Someone to save to save A But it don't work that way D R: Think you made your greatest mistake A I'm not gonna call this a break Em Think you really blew it this time G A D Think you could walk on such a bad lie A Won't be taking the midnight calls Em Ignoring the rocks you throw at my wall G I see it written on your face A You know you made it Your greatest mistake G *: Your greatest mistake your greatest mistake Bm A your greatest mistake 2. When the last straw is broken When the last door is closing I ain't that dumb to stick around stick around I ain't got the time for looking back Gonna let yourself slip through the cracks And you just keep going down, down, down *: I'mma stay undercover Lay low for some time No one to save to save These six cycles over me R: Think you made your greatest mistake... G A *: Why you looking at me spitting Bm the same old line? Trying to creep back A Bm G Ain't no flipping my mind A Don't you get it by now? Bm A Bm The story's over over G A Still calling my name Bm outside my house A I'm hitting the switch Bm G A Watch the lights go out Bm(hold) Watch the lights go out D 3. I hope you ache, A ache, ache, oh, oh Em I hope you ache, G ache, ache, oh, oh yeah yeah R: Think you made your greatest mistake... G Bm A (2x)