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On The Line (Lovato Demi)

C Em F G E|---8---|---7---|---5---|--- B|-------|-------|-------|--- G|-------|-------|-------|--- D|-9---9-|-7---7-|-5---5-|--- A|-------|-------|-------|--- E|-------|-------|-------|--- C Em F G C Em F 1. I didn't wanna say I'm sorry G C For breaking us apart Em F I didn't wanna say it was my fault G C Even though I knew it was Em F I didn't wanna call you back G C Cause I knew that I was wrong Em F G Yeah I knew I was wrong C G/B Am G R: One in the same never to change F Our love was beautiful C G/B Am G We got it all destined to fall F Our love was tragical C G/B Am G Wanted to call, no need to fight F You know I wouldn't lie G But tonight we'll leave it on the line C G/B Am G F Listen Baby 2. Never would've said forever If we knew it ends so fast Why did you say I love you If you knew that it wouldn't last? Baby I just can't hear what you're saying The line is breaking up Or is that just us? G Or is that just us? R: One in tha same never to change... C Em 3. I try to call again I get your mailbox G C Like a letter left unread Em F Apologies are often open ended G But this was better left unsaid R: One in the same never to change... C G/B Am G F We'll leave it C G/B Am G F on the line Yeah, oh yeah We'll leave it on C G/B Am G F the line tonight