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Disappearing One (Cornell Chris)

E E/As Am Em/G F# F E E/As Am Em/G What have you done, my little spark? F# F E D Am Cursing my name ’cause again I put you out E E/As Am Em/G Falling apart, you tell yourself you are F# F E D Am Dreaming only of the ones who never dream of you C G/B Am E/As I’m your disappearing one C G/B Am E/As Vanish when the curtain’s drawn F D/F# E/As Am C/G But I will come again, and you will let me in F Fm/C B C And you’ll see I never disappear for long Into you room I stumble now Too tired to cower and it's too late to draw you out And there you lie like a painting of Christ Bleeding on the HANDS of the ones who nailed you down I'm your disappearing one Vanish when the curtain's drawn But I will come again And you will let me in And you'll see I never disappear for long