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Enemy (Cornell Chris)

Eb B F Gm Eb B F Gm 1. Every time the blood runs through my head, I hear the ring Something to remind me I'm not dead or caught in between I listen to the voice and what it says, it's never sweet Something I was born into, I guess, living in me Gm F R1: No price, nothin I pay will make it Alright, nothin I see will make his New sight, nothin I take will make me Sleep at night, sleep at night Eb B F Gm R2: When I look within I feel like I should be runnin, runnin runnin runnin I will never save this feeling till I feel nothin nothin nothin nothin Gm F I am the enemy, enemy, enemy inside of me enemy, enemy, enemy (2x) Eb B F Gm 2. Every time I take another breath, I feel the sting Everyone around me seems so numb, I feel everything R1: No price, nothin I pay will make it... R2: When I look within... Eb B F Gm *: Taking my time to untangle the liars and stare into my sanity Dropping the hammer and pulling the trigger, I know now the bullet is me Gm F I am the enemy..... inside of me.... I am the enemy, enemy enemy inside of me enemy enemy enemy (3x)