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Paraiso Dos Cavalos (Harvest Barclay James)

Met an old friend the other day Recognised from a different age Like a ghost in a photograph Distant memories of the past There was Nico and Limpopo Ipaminandas and young Nero All the old friends we've known so well With all the stories they'll never tell All it took was a photograph To bring the memories chasing back Of summer sunshine and cool green wine And all the good times we'd left behind We'd take the road down to Almansil If I had known then we'd be there still We left our hearts in the soft sea spray With every Quinta Do Lago day The wind in your hair The sun in your face The feeling of the power The beauty and grace Paraiso dos Cavalos Paraiso dos Cavalos Through our minds move the souls Of our bygone years As we ride through their ancient tears To a place to a time where We'd all be saved To gallop on in the breaking waves At Paraiso dos Cavalos Paraiso dos Cavalos