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3 Sheets to the Wind (Kid Rock)

Ahh... I`m here and it`s clear I`m gonna flow so yo black Just get on up or yo get the bozak 'Cause it ain`t Kojak or Dr. Suess It`s the kid mother fucker and I`m gonna get loose 'Cause I got the juice to spruce and get nice and So enticing strong like a bison Ruff like brandy and no one knows That I got more riffs than Randy Rhoads Smash, slash and when I trash I bash I get ill I chill but you don`t know the half I trip I rip and though I think I`m slick I`m nothin but a funky country hick But I still get down with a sound that pumps And you can hear me from the trucks and the trunks that bump Never been questioned by the F.B.I Although I`ve tried every method just to get high L.S.D. is what I`m trippin on And O.E. bitch is what I`m sippin on A big fat booty`s what I`m grippin on But for now I`m gonna rock and keep rippin on Down to the mother fuckin A.M. As I co bump and jump and keep the crowd in mayhem No brain no pain...Now c`mon why'all and tell me what`s my name 3 sheets 2 the wind is the state I`m in Half off the wagon with my feet draggin' Taggin' hoes gettin' lots of trim Gettin' jocks and props for all the spots I rock I`m true I`m blue like Captain Kangaroo And for the few who knew yo I`m a bang for you Because the Kid Rock ain`t no bitch yo And I ain't no radio want to get rich ho So count my props you can`t get with me and fuck all you cops you ain`t shit to me But hoes with guns playin hard for fun So stay off my dick becuz I ain`t the one And for anyone tryin to bust me up You better chill with that tryin to fuck me up And if you`re talkin shit I`m gonna shut ya up And all ya wack D.J.`s I`m gonna cut ya up 'Cause I don`t give a fuck about no one And when I wax I tax and that`s just how it goes son Yo ain`t no sucker 'Cause I`m the kid.."rock mother fucker" Straight from Mo-town and I won`t slow down I cease the cheese M.C,`s I moe down And I show no shame 'cause I`m down for mine Now tell me what`s my name It ain`t Eric Clapton and this ain`t slowhand I`m the kid ya dig and I`m a rock the whole land 'Cause no man can make a track this grand And if you know what I know than just...