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Abdul Jabar Cut (Kid Rock)

Uh Kick on back to the rap I format When its through what you do is just play it back Rewind it Find it That's how I desinged it And fellas if you see a big butt get behind it And grind on it I mean push and bump Cause it's about time we made this party jump Take a drink of your forty And lets get naughty Get on the floor and just move your body to the sound I found and also developed Lets trip don't sit, come on get the hell up Look at the black man, now what'd up He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut Yeah...Yeah Streets of Romeo Mt. Clemens Detroit All over Now people always me and KDC If we take this activity a seriously I reply, with a sigh rather uniquely And say does Donald Trump have a lotta money Yes a stupid question, but I wont quote ya Cause I'm the Geraldo, Philmore, Oprah I'm the K-I-D R-O-C-K Down with Jive, RCA Hey how could you judge me cause what I am Be blind to my mind And take a look and say fuck him Look at the black man, now what up He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut Okay...Yeah Like I said Top Dog One, two, to the three And we always come back for more Kenny wears a low fade Danny wears no fade I wear the high fade And we all get paid Tryin to blow my rap down the sink But go ahead cause my rap's made of brick And it sticks Kicks Hits And uplifts At shows, it flows but never drifts It's too swift and moves with quickness Top Dog again and you say what is this Its the under rated MC on top The young six foot one Kid Rock Look at the black man, now what's up He's not a skin head, that's the Abdul Jabar Cut Okay...Yeah Get down Come back The black man from New Jersey KDC Kid Rock It's the crew right here Bitch Now Patty keep it going with the guitar Yeah, all you punk ass bitches Hahahaha This is Kid Mother Fuckin Rock The beast crew is in the house All you suckers This is a mother fuckin party You better ask somebody So get your mother fuckin hands up in the air This ain't no joke Yo this is the mother fuckin east side Detroit is in this mother fucker Uh haha Yo the black man From parts unknown Can you dig it You Bitch Yeah...Yeah For the ninties...Hoe