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Cramp Ya Style (Kid Rock)

Everything I do gonna be funny New Player on the field so yield and get back To the wall Cause I'm playin ya all Like a game K-I-D is the name Some complain And they got a little fame And it's a shame For what its worth I'm down with earth Pourin it on like Ms. Butterworth Rich and thick Kinda quick not slow The rhymes I fit into flow All in a row, from the intro To the end so, ho Put down the microphone and go Step a side as I make room to bloom Any opposing goo gets placed in a tomb As soon as I grip the mic to get loose Don't dispute cuz ya got no juice Meanwhile I kick a rhyme from the pile Huh, As I Cramp your style ( Cramp your style (Cramp your style...cramp your style) Get down on your knees and pray when I break you Down with a sound Comin down with a pound Or a bang If you can't hang with the slang That I exploit Comin straight from Detroit Rough without a doubt or a question Kid Rock here in the flesh And addressin and defining certain issues To diss you (he diss me..aheo) So wipe the tears from your eyes You cant hide so don't be surprised When I dismiss you from your throne And send you home As a Kid Rock clone Cause I can hold my own Like ya hold a milkbone Simple as this with a grip that won't quit So when I hit the skit That's it So don't come in face with the base And remember your just an imitation Don't get buckwhile In fact don't smile Cause I'll pull your file As I Cramp your style ( Cramp your style (cramp your style...cramp your style) I'll claim the boundries of my domain Detroit...Detroit Fresh, I'm from the Midwest From MoTown...From MoTown I'm like steel or concrete yo cause I'm the hardest Down with a label known to be the largest Not bein modest don't even think of tryin to hang Cause yo Kid Rock rolls like a Stop O I roll thick I roll heavy D-Nice justs keeps the pace steady So get ready to feel the pain I'm Kid Rock drivin girls insane So listen rappers and get to the program Breakin ya down is the Kid rock slogan And any rapper who thinks about dissin You know what I'll say? I got a great big dick So anyone who can't adjust Gets rust And then bites the dust Be ready to walk a mile Cause I'll smack that Kool-Aid smile As I Cramp your style ( Cramp your style (cramp your style...cramp your style)