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Detroit, Michigan (Kid Rock)

Talkin’ ‘bout soul, soul, soul Hey Memphis Talkin’ ‘bout rock n roll Hey Texas New York City’s uptown grooves A little Mississippi Delta blues Flossin’ Austin and the Boston Pops And everybody knows that Cleveland rocks Talkin’ ‘bout girls, girls, girls California Talkin’ ‘bout fine, fine girls Oklahoma A downtown Nashville honky-tonk Some big fat back beat DC funk Jacksonville and the Southern rock In New Orleans the party never stops Detroit, Michigan Ya heard about Marvin Gaye, we got him Can I get a witness? Talkin’ bout Hitsville USA we got it How sweet it is We got those fine, fine super Supremes The kind of girls ya see in your dreams When ya hear our thunderin’ sound Ya know it comes from Detroit town Talkin’ ‘bout Rosa Parks we sent her Talkin’ ‘bout Henry Ford the inventor Talkin’ ‘bout Aretha yeah we got her The Queen of Soul Bob Seger yeah we got him And that old time rock n roll Slim Shady set the world on fire The Big Three baby and the finest cars George Clinton’s P Funk all stars We spend our days on the line and our nights in the bars Detroit, Michigan