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Forever (Kid Rock)

I'm back (back) the fog has lifted The earth has shifted and raised the gifted You knew I'd be back so pack your bone And hit the road jack cause daddy's home With the funky hot rifs Thick like Al Rowker Pumpin out hits Gettin chips like Oprah Bitch I told ya, do not hate Or question the music i make (uh) [chorus] I make punk rock and I mix it with the hip hop I get you higher then a tree top You wanna roll with the Kid Rock I make southern rock And i mix it with the hip hop I got money like Fort Knox I'll forever been the Kid Rock Forever The junkies are, still cigar puffin Still the same cause I ain't changed nothin Huffin and puffin I got you rookies All in check doin' the redneck boogie The king is back to retract the whack Repacked my sack with a double deck pack Forget all that i'm still singin And like kids on monkey bars i'm still swingin Thought I got dusty Thought I'd get rusty thought I'd get rich and quit oh he must be Fat and ugly broke black and blue But I'm trim, fit, rich and I'm back for round two Red white and the pabst blue ribbon Dead right that's how I'm livin' Givin you more then the frauds and fakes They can't make the kind of music I make (uh uh) [chorus] The black hat is back, in original form The ledgible creditable inevitable storm Way past the norm,still misbehavin Finger in the air and the flag still wavin Young crones don't test the boss Cause I got this sewn like betsy ross You can floss and front You can taunt and tease But you can't fuck with rhymes like these Thumpin like a drum kit With rifs that split picks Pumpin for the kids who twist spliffs and sip fifths I got the gift I'm about to unwrap it 8 ball side pocket 8 ball in my jacket Pussy and blow you now how i live Can't say that Kid Fuck off I just did Watch me twirl like Earl the pearl Or just keep on Kid Rockin in the free world [chorus] punk rock Forever hip hop Forever tree top Forever Kid Rock (yeahhhhhhhh!) punk rock Forever Hip hop Forever southern rock Forever Kid Rock Forever (yeahhhhhhhhh!) FOREVER!!