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Grandpa's Jam (Kid Rock)

No I ain't your bro so don't call me brother Cause hoes they know I'm one bad motherfucker Team supreme, so fresh so clean So pro you know, I'm like Mean Joe Greene Pass the peas, hold the cheese You could roll with Rock or you could swing on these These, these, these nuts Rocking all you bitches with the old school cuts So please, please, please shut up I got a lot of love but I'm all out of fucks Rolling like the Doobie Brothers Doing it my way, rocking down the highway Rolling right through you suckers Lame duck ass bitch ass broke motherfuckers Slow down baby... I'm a true blue blooded all American badass I heard you're calling me white trash Come and say it to my face bitch And I fuck you in your ass quick with Taylor Swift's dick They call me Nutty Professor Staring down the barrel of an old Winchester Another big buck down So fuck lady up, I don't need her around Wolf gang Puck, I ain't fucking around Straight laying it down while you're punching the clown Slow down baby... Spring time, swing time Shit I'm a little smarter than your average man Moonshine, new time, red wine I rock harder than your memaw's chair They call me ridge reaper, the stone cold creeper The pure hardcore thrift store antiquer But I ain't really got a fuck to give So I'm a do what I do and do it big, you dig Hit you with the heavy so it's steady cause I'm ready Yeah I ball like Betty so they call me the yeti Don't dress preppy, ain't never been a Techy But I got a lot of pennies like J Paul Getty Don't take selfies, crash like Chelsea Handler Kiss my ass and don't tempt me Cause I ain't scared to spray back [?] So motherfucker, don't be fucking with grandpa Slow down baby...