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I Wanna Go Back (Kid Rock)

Cause I remember way back when Got kicked out the crib and had a place to stay in the Clem With some friends George and Jay It was a funky fresh crew and I'd DJ What a shock it was to be on the steps Comin from a nice home now livin in the projects No regrets cause I learned alot And I earned alot in the parking lot Doin dirt for the O.Gs slangin rock They used to call me that little white kid Who could rock on the two turntables And that aint no fable Watchin' Eddie Murphy instead of Clark Gable My whole life style switched Hoss Puttin in hours at the 76 car wash But I could never wait for them weekends to come Dum ditty dum ditty ditty dum dum Boom, chick boom, the bass went On turntables fuckin it up in Duke's basement Groove time productions, we kept the jam jumpin Open up your ears Im tryin to tell you somethin And give some love back to those who loved me 206 Court street and my second mom Tracy Little Keesha and Cole My mellow blow, and my homegirl Flo Rock round see, you could find me some But I kept my tables in the crib when I wasnt in the club Tom Rich and Mike Shafer used to give me rides And buy me groceries when I didn't have no paper And Im grateful for this Sometimes I look back and it's these times I miss Making demos on my old four track Sometimes I cant help but think, I Wanna Go Back I Wanna Go Back [x2] Got kicked out again for bein fly Got invited to stay with Tony and Eli An' they treated me like brothers R-I-P to their cool ass mother An my brother din dada For the homies up here I still gotta lot of love I wanna go back, way back To change things and bring y'all back Im pourin beer out for y'all Im singin I saw the light from my cousin Paul Life brings alot of tragedy I look around at times and its so sad to see A wasted life, or a broken home But all I can do is take care of my own I feel so alone like a stranger But sometimes I express my love through my anger And I lost alot of friends for this Blackman, T-Bone, Ernest KDC, and Chris And the rest of the Beast crew I aint sayin that Im awe, but I still got love for you Cause I remember how it used to be Make way motherfuckers beast crew's in the party To the right and to the left Many black men and Funk Daddy Def Stef Cause sometimes I feel blessed for sure To a been a part of one of raps last great tours Ice Cube, Too Short, D-Nice, yo yo Kid Rock and it don't stop I Wanna Go Back [x3] I remember litte Robert, cause I stayed with him I used ta go and see Campbell, when I need a trim And when times got grim and I lost my way, I used to get blown of with Reve Bumpin' shoulders and slappin' hands Willie Knight had a disco, right in his basement man Them New Haven jams Me and Blackman running crazy scams, Not a black or white thing, a wrong or right thing Just makin' that money, and pullin them honies Spandex shorts and the halter tops Slanging them rocks, runnin' from the cops The only white kid walkin' round on the block, Cruisin' in Amp's low ridin' ragtop Go see Howard for what ya need Underage buyin' forties and bags of weed Late night liquor from Bubba Coles People used to say, Rock you got soul Had a studio budget from the cocaine loot Chuck D and Murph were the original three Now Richard D and Cracker are down with me I got a studio record and a taste of fame But when I roll throught the Clem it's all the same Even though things change, you know I ain't forgot Cause the love from the past gave birth to Kid Rock But it's hard to go back to the things I knew Cause ta me life a have now lives for two Yeah, and that's where I'm at I wanna go back [x3] Let it ride, let it ride way back, uh-huh