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Killin' Brain Cells (Kid Rock)

Kid rock that's right you know I'm back ho From the dead where I had to lay low Seems strange but I ain't changed nothing Pot smokin' beer drinkin' mother fucker that's me In the flesh and I guess I'm the best In the muther fuckin midwest cuz there's no contest For the pimp in the pimp of the nation So fuck college and a good education All we need to learn is how to hold hands Then we could live in peace in my homeland God damn the way my pain swells I spend all my time killin' brain cells The light shed on me was a dim gleam So I live life in a bottle of Jim Beam Droppin' dots or sniffin' that blow black, I go to sleep at night watchin' Kojak Fuck hoes cuz I'm no big fag Roll with Zig Zags like to read skin mags When I shoot I never miss and if I played the bass I'd probably pluck it like this... People wanna know what I'm thinkin' but I don't care So I keep my thoughts in a bottle of Cuervo Just a wild young buck Got banned from the shelter but I really don't give a fuck Cuz I still be clownin' suckers be frownin' Forties of Busch I be poundin' I ain't dead in the head like Manson I'm more laid back than muther fuckin' Ted Danson Hanson brother style when I'm rumblin' Couple of shots of Don Q and I be stumblin' Fumblin' footballs hangin' in the pool halls Out late night with my crew stealin' U-hauls I'm not into havin' clean fun I step into the party strapped with a machine gun But I'm no gangster like Gotti "I'm just an M.C. to put the boogie in the party" Back in black plus a new track And I won't quit till your ears blow from feedback When I shoot I never miss And if I played the guitar I'd probably strum it like this... So give it up bitch cuz I'm the kid rock And today I know you don't wanna get shot You look gay you're too cliche So fuck all y'all hoes and yo Chuck pass the jay Sellin' me out like bitches to make a quick buck But muther fuckers like y'all just have no luck Your little plan was a flop Tryin' to get em on by sellin out the Kid Rock A part of me was with you but yo he died, And I'm glad you stepped off cuz I ain't givin' no free rides You little bald headed peon And fuck it mother fucker if you want it lets get the beef on Cuz I'm sure I'm sure ya Are gonna try to come back around but I'll ignore ya It only takes one shot to floor ya Cuz I'm Kid Rock bitch and I'm real mutha for ya Better jet so cuz I won't let no hoes from the metro Take mine "what up doe" Come look son I'm number one... "Cuz I worked like a bitch to get the job done" In the twilight zone with Rod Serling I ain't goin' bald so fuck Sy Sperling When I shoot I never miss And if I played the harmonica I'd probably blow it like this...