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My Name Is Rock (Kid Rock)

Fly with new blast, get gas Kid Rock some folks thought i'd flew right past Faded fast, ran outta gas Here i come again, all back in that ass No questions, i tell no lies Rely Kid Rock is on the rise Like a sky scraper I'm back like smack, and so are the vapors And the papers, cause i'm gonna rhyme Right, jump right back up into the lime light And i'm rackin my brain where the pain was No i got more soul than the train does Mid western funkin, car pumpin from the amps in the trunkin Ya cant stop this boy, this time I'm the real macoy And you know My name is Rock You know My name is Rock [7x] So hey punk, feel the funk Feel the wrath of the rock Non stop, i got a glock in my pants I don't dance, i sit around I don't sip 40's, i pound I been around too long, commin too strong Kid Rock got it goin on See me, see you, see through, emcee's who knew Fly like the wind, i hang like a hinge Been gone like rhymes on a drinkin binge So don't cringe at the sight of Rock Ya wanna fight the rock, ya gotta fight this glock And you can say my beats are fake But it don't mean shit when your gettin paid Hip-Hop, the jam don't stop You know My name is Rock [7x] I'm the D to the O, P to the D O to the straight up G see I been around like Jesus layin tracks But i had to come back, i had to come back Back from the dead, enough said Still trippin like Fred Be red, ya got a head full of holes I got a head full of bowls I'm the K-I straight from the D, punk From the home of the B funk Aint no frontin here, i wont disapear I'll be around next year I'm the Jiffymack In the rack, writin off for some ify crack Last year, this year it's all the same But you know my name is Rock You know My name is Rock [8x] K-I-D's the name