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Pimp of the Nation (Kid Rock)

There's only two types of men Pimps and John's There's one type of bitch And that's a hoe God damn holly hooker this is my world God damn time to go Where's my dough It's startin to snow All I want is the dollas I've been a pimp so long I knew gahndi when he had an afro Pimp, hold my dick like a holster All the girls want a Kid Rock poster And be able to both stay looked at The number one pimp with the number one rap What's up with that Well I'm a cool cat With the rap That's harder than a pimp slap And because I do so much pimpin One day I'll probably walk with a limp And drive a big Lincoln Wearin an unbuttoned shirt And be a fifty-five year old pervert But for now rap's the occupation But one day watch I'll be Pimp Of The Nation Hoes are rustlic Daddy's in the house We got hoes and hoes and hoes Prices so low We pratically given the coochie coo away Shake that booty, Shake that booty Its not a bake sell, its a cake sell God Damn It Pimp of the Nation, I could be it As a matter of a fact, I for see it But only pimpin hoes with the big tush While you be left pimpin Barbra Bush What's up granny First name Annie Dried up cunt and a saggin fanny The highlight of your sex adventures You wanna suck this take out your denchers A show of life is all I'm givin Old pimp young hoes is how I'm livin But for now rap's the occupation But watch one day I'll be Pimp Of The Nation I got all the hookers, God Damn It I got Sensational Sherry, Juicy Lucy, Nasty Nancy, and Tammy Toe Jam All of them ready, willing, and able to give the mack daddy all the dollas And all the coochie coo till death do we part Hahahaha I have hoes like horses in a stable Rich, famous, willing, and able First off Ja Ja Kubore and tiffer gore Is my highest paid whore And for some hot booty waxin Fake ass Latoya Jackson Rosanne Barr is my newest trick While on the beach I prune her with the dick And the bitch who fucks with my cash Robin Givens I'll whip your ass Yeah Kid Rock, Kid Rock Don't you fuck with me I'll be Pimp of the Nation Bitc...bit...bitc...bit...bitch One nation under a pimp Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped One nation under a pimp Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped One nation under a pimp Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped One nation under a pimp Gettin paid cause suckers is pussy whipped Ah yeah who's pimpin out there Uh huh The Midwest is pimpin Detroit is pimpin Mt. Clemens is pimpin Romeo is pimpin The black man he pimpin KDC he's pimpin Bo your pimpin I said Tom he's pimpin Chuck and Murph their pimpin D he's pimpin Boner is pimpin Ben he pimpin Ralph C is pimpin The young brothers are pimpin Eli your pimpin I said Tony your pimpin Hey Chicago your pimpin Mr. Lee your pimpin My pops is pimpin My bro D he's pimpin Jay C he's pimpin Dice Sound is pimpin Dougie Doug is pimpin D-Nice he's pimpin Chuck Nice is pimpin Barry White he's pimpin New York's pimpin I said Philly is pimpin Oakland your pimpin Too Short your pimpin Arseno Hall your pimp...pimp...pimpin Eddie Murphy your pimpin Jive Records your pimpin RCA is pimpin Top Dogg is pimpin Michael Jackson, Ah you ain't pimpin shit Ah hah hah Word em up Word em up Kid Rock Kid...Kid Rock Kid...Kid Rock And I'm Pimp of the Nation Hah hah haha Word You stay on third base I'm goin home with the bacon baby Hahahaha Peace