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Prodigal Son (Kid Rock)

Cuz growin up I was never the logical one packed my shit and left home like the prodigal son with a bottle of jack and my shotgun strapped I went looking for fame and yo I've never been back filled with spite staying high as a kite I was dealin and stealin everything in sight pool hustling trying to make that green I've been ramblin and gamblin since the age of 13 working like a bitch like a god damn tank some disagree because me rents had bank but all that's gold non't always glitter so I'll take another puff from my one hitter I'm a slave tot he trade I'm paid to rhyme blow all my cash on cheap women and wine cause money, money, money ain't shit to me but I gotta make a lot just to be free Please God Please I'll pay any cost If you'd just stop the world cause I wanna get off there's too much hardship there's too much pain there's too many motherfuckers tryin to get in my brain I've been to your mountains I've been to your seaside and everywhere I went somebody's wanted a free ride but parasites can't fake the Rock and any suckers that step in my way are getting shot cause I hold key to my own success and suckers that step shall be put to rest yes, I hold the key to my own success and suckers that step will catch a bullet in their chest, so pass the buddha the funky tie hooter and watch me rip because I'm such a slick shooter. not a generic dime a dozen M.C. never was in a posse never wanted to be now I've neen walkin the earth since the beginning of ti and won't leave till I've received that 7th sign all this talk their gonna drop the bomb, but life keeps going on and on and on and on the world's end don't worry me and I'm gonna get where I'm going just hurry me cause I'm in no rush and I can't stand rushin everything is slow motion like I'm trippin on tussin fussin with the girls they waste my time thrashin and bashin going out of my mind crucified by the critics everyday cause I ain't really got that much to say I'm a slave to the trade I'm paid to rhyme I don't wear a watch and i don't keep time I live my life just like the skipper but only at night because I'm a day tripper twitchin-shakin like corky shootin smack but still life goes on visions of red shoot through my head and I won't stop trippin till the day I'm dead.