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Rock N Roll (Kid Rock)

Break out the whiskey And a bottle of wine Take your shirt off bitch And chop me out a line Dim the lights down low Turn up the stereo Dant say a word I already know Youve never done this before But you felt like tryin Ive done this plenty of times And i know your lyin You know i know You want a shot So i will take aim Dont even ask me If i know your name Dont look so shocked Do not be confused I just wanna shoot your soul Full of rhythm and blues Them boys been sellin you lines But you aint been buyin But what im given is free So its well worth tryin Because i know you like to rock-n-roll You like to rock-n-roll Ill rock you baby all night long Then i gots to roll Theres no one here left We can blame Its a lonley walk of shame I know We gonna rock-n-roll Can you feel that Can you feel that Used to like to disco Now you wanna rock-n-roll Bus is leavin baby Were pullin out Them austin dallas houston girls Are callin us out Girl dry them eyes Im not good at goodbyes Tell all your friends Im that type of guy That'll bring out the women That youve been hidin Its human nature to be What weve all been denyin Baby dont seel tickets To a player that already playin Just be who you are But understand what im sayin Everybody likes to rock-n-roll They like to rock-n-roll Rock-n-roll They like to rock-n-roll Love me baby all night long