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Rock N Roll Pain Train (Kid Rock)

G 15 years on this lonely road I paid my own way I carried my own load C I never asked too much from no one G I was much too proud DC G All I ever wanted Was to play music for A sold out crowd G Bitches, money fame They say I had it all C 6 foot 1 I walked around like I was 10 feet tall G Did you see me shine D C G Where the hell where you now Detroit city back in 99 Stoned out of my mind C On that rock-n-roll pain train G I had to slow things down C I live out in the woods now D It helps me keep my feet on The ground C Lifes been good to me so far G Hope its been kind to you D Stand strong in the storms of life C G The sun will always shine on you Now Ive been rollin on love n lust I ride around on this million dollar bus But this is just a bus man I cant sleep at night Man I miss my babies And Id really like to fuck my wife But she aint there tonight Ive seen this train wreck Time and time again I felt its pain Ive seen it take my friends Youve got to stop and take a look man Or life will pass you by Get your guitar and a good song Thats all you really need to ride