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Roving Gangster (Rollin') (Kid Rock)

Everything's tight from my loot to my friends I ain't got time to tighten up loose ends...Huh I've been that route too many times If I ain't stabbed in the back I ain't fightin no crime I wish for that which my heart holds near But ain't nobody playin what I'm tryin' to hear I've been sayin for years that the fakes wouldn't last You were jockin that bullshit, now you look like an ass Get gassed in your garage of sickness As I bring a little swing into your world of stiffness Cause I got plenty of rhymes to spill Ain't got nothin more than time to kill Form like a blister, drink like a failure Rip like a twister right through a trailer Park after dark is when you'll see me comin My gun's gunnin and the 808's hummin Raw Raw Rip Rock Rude Sample anything I like and never get sued At 18 I had a hardcore attitude...Yeah When I turned 19 I was touring with Ice Cube It's true I'm from the old school Where the rules don't bend and the beats don't end No place to be I gotta let these knuckles know who the fuck I be I'm still the...body rocking three emcee So clap your hands to what he's doing I'm a razor blade slittin through a wrist of hate I'm a contradiction...I'm a twist of fate See me rollin You got me rollin I'm rollin Searchin underneath the sun Huh...Huh I'm dead as shit, but I ain't been killed See I'm a Mack, I'm a truck, but I'm Peter built I am the Trucker and my ego's large I'm the K to the I call me sarge Roll number seven raise south of heaven See my crew comin hear them Harley's revvin I'm steppin to your crew with a glick of hits Got 3 LP's but I ain't got no hits And I'm a greatful, hateful, little son of a G I'm a deadhead runnin from the D-P-D Got soul so plagued with the rhythms cancer Grab a pole and you'll be swingin like a topless dancer Biltmore Beavers and a Top Dog Coat Top car four Vogues on a hundred spokes Got a roundtrip ticket to the promised land If it ain't all that I'll be back my man got me rollin' I'm rollin' Searchin undearneath the sun got me rollin I'm rollin Searching undearneath the sun Uh Come on Feel me Days roll by they...roll too fast I said days roll by...I watch them pass Yeah you wanna roll with Rock And party with crews that just don't stop uh-huh Yeah got me rollin I'm rollin' Searching undearneath the sun Searching undearneath the sun Searching undearneath the sun