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Single Father (Kid Rock)

Latley ive been spendin lots of time with my kid Tellin him stories About the things that we did When we were a family Long time ago Ive answerd his questions Till im blue in the face Wish all that hurt in him I could erase But i tell him the truth Cause he aint to young to know Single father Part time mother When im not one Then im the other You used to be My full time lover Now im a single father And a part time mother I spend every minute I can with my boy Theres no doubt about it Hes my pride and joy Someday he will grow up And i wont have him no more Some things i just find Too hard to exsplain So we go to mcdonalds Or i buy him a train And we go put it together On the living room floor Such is the life Of a single father He says daddy exsplain If its not too much bother While its just you and me Living here in this home I dont understand it And neither does he Why theres just two When there should be three of us Sharing this moment Lord i feel so alone [repeat chorus]