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Super Rhyme Maker (Kid Rock)

Bonnie shades And a high top fade So low you know on the mic with no aid You didn't think in a blink no way That I'd make the grade But now you say I use to go to school with him I use to go to dot dot bim I use to know his older brother I use to be his eigth grade lover Talk is cheap and the speech is weak He use to go with me, wrong you were my freak I never gave a hoot If a girl was cute All I wanted was a piece and a knock the boots And then they get dissed Crossed off my list Though a bend in my behind would get kissed Just like so world the girls will go low Just like Jock Custoe And blow Up come my drawers, see ya gotta go It's to plain Kid Rock's the name And I run my game From Frisco to Maine Never fell in love Cause I'm a girl heartbreaker But still I built my skills and I'm the Cause I'm the Super Rhyme Maker Come on, Yeah Sup...Sup..Sup Super Rhyme Maker Come on, Yeah (Come On) Super Ryhme...Rhyme (Come On) Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme (Come On, Come On) Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme (Come On, Come On, Come On) Rhyme Maker Stop the madness You never had this Wild style of my b-boy badness Runnin the show Clockin the dough And Juliet get fucked if I was Romeo, but I'm not I'm Kid Rock Flat top and all Not Michael Jackson spinnin singing off the wall But making everyone how I thump like thunder Got over like a mother While you went straight under And now you can't stand The way I jam Hold the mic in my hand And rock the whole land Man get jealous if you want to But either way I'm gonna do what I have to do Cause I work to hard to make ends match Started from scrath And to a lot of crap But now I'm like a wild horse no one can catch And I'm a bad mother fucker Believe that I'll pop on top more flop no stop Makin every girl in the house want a piece of the rock And then I'll bring a new swing To make it understand the kid's running things Mostly because I'm not an MC faker And the rest because I'm the Microphone master Super Rhyme Maker Come On Yeah Sup...Sup...Sup Alright cut it Sup...Sup...Sup Super Rhyme Maker Come On Yeah Sup...Sup...Sup...Sup Super Rhyme...Rhyme...Rhyme Rhyme...Rhyme Maker