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The Cramper (Kid Rock)

Have you ever known a free lancer Thinks that he's a camper Known around my way as the cramper Like P.M.S. always pokin' But he won't go away with a little Motrin Now if u ever heard the term cramper and u wonder The worms kinda like i guess a modern day Felix Unger When ya first meet em ya think he's O.K. But then you learn a little bit of the cramper goes a long way Hear say here I say thru the grapevine He squawks and he gawks and he walks a thin line Just like a little fuckin fag He always wants to get high but never has a bag Never works says he can't find the right job Ain't got a dime and when he does he's a tightwad He's the dampest there's no one damp Huh huh.... he's the muther fuckin cramper Now the crampers red, there's no one redder, He rides ya wrong like a really tight sweater He's sorta like a mouse a pest of a peer U come home he's at your house drinkin your last beer Pokin and strokin he makes you wanna belt him always wearin out his mother fuckin welcome And then sporty's never that cautious he sips from your forty and he always backwashes Talk about a certain subject, he'll jinx it let him borrow a shirt, the stooge always shrinks it He's the dampest, there's no one damper Huh huh.... he's the mother fuckin cramper