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Wax the Booty (Kid Rock)

[Voice Talking:] Yeah, but you know people are scared to have conversations like this and that's...and that's what it boils down to. When you see a guy you already know whether not you want to fuck him, don't you? [Girl:] Yep [Voice Talking:] Guaranteed [Girl:] Yep Alright we are gonna have a hot time in the old town tonight See a fly skinny on the avenue My shades down hat flipped on and on a cashew Could not believe my eyes so I lifted up my shades And this girl is starring at me as if she wanted to get laid Next the girl started steppin and she crossed the street She walked to me and at that my knees got weak Then I snapped to realize that it was my duty To get this freak and co-wax the booty Wax that booty Co-wax the booty Freaky freaky freak with the nice size booty Wax that booty Co-wax the booty I gotta freak freak so I am gonna wax her booty Heading for the crib I was reciting some rhymes When the freak cut in and started telling of the times She wanted to rock me and these were no lies And that is when I contracted the rise in my Levis Step into my crib she said the rise impressed her So without delay I began to undress her Unstrapped her bra and whispered to her are you with me She said yes so I grabbed them titties Next was the test to see if she was high rank I dropped her panties and was slippin, I asked do you stank She said no and noted to me that her shower soap is Gucci So I dropped my boxers and headed for her coochie Headed fo her coochie Grease it down real good Headed for her coochie Dang that's good Now when I got to her coochie I looked close to see If this girl had any types of signs of VD She did not so I said to myself Oh goody And I grabbed my dick and co-stuck in her puddy Started rocking this freak with my hands on her butt You should have seen in her booty I was tearin it up Next I whispered in her ear baby please turn over And rocked doggie style while I was calling her Rover Still tearin it up on her face was a grin Holdin on to her waist pumping harder than sin But she was lovin it all with her back in a arch I busted my nut and she started to bark Arf...Arf...Arf Uhhhhhhh Arf...Arf...Arf Uhhhhhhh Arf...Arf...Arf Na na bop but nop but Now if you think the story is over just listen to this I thought my mission was complete so I gave her a kiss Then I was searchin for a towel to clean off my dickie Cuz it was kinda wet all bloody and sticky And to talk about gross heres something sicker than sick The bitch dropped to her knees and licked the tip of my dick I started trippin cause this was something I've never seen The girl was more than a freak she was a sexual fiend And when I thought that was as gross as one girl could get She stuck her finger in her booty and then she licked it Oh now this girl was much more to me than a freak In my opinion she was plain nasty But never the less I completed my duty I got this freak and co-waxed the booty Wax that booty Co-wax the booty I got the freak and I waxed her booty I love the booty, you love the booty Hey freak come here and let me wax your booty Too short don't stop Too short don't stop Too short don't stop the beat Hey yo short dog can I get a bitch Biiiiiiiitch Now if you like the booty come on fellas show it This is your last verse to wax so why would you blow it And if the ladies if you are tired of a man on your fanny Then fuck you go home and watch the tube with granny Cause this is booty night non stop With the number one wax and me Kid Rock So lets get hyped cause if I see you calm I am gonna think that you are waxin with Rosie Palm I mean really how could you be so dumb Just look at all the girls that are dying to get some Man, just don't be a wussy And I'll guarantee you could get a piece of pussy But to get it you have to realize don't brag to the freak about your dick size Man, that's not the way to win it Cause it is not the length of your wand its the magic in it Wax that booty Co-wax the booty Freaky freaky freak with the nice size booty Wax that booty Co-wax the booty I got freaks and I wax those booties [Voice Talking:] Yeah, but know what I'm sayin. What kind of Popsicle you like? [Girl:] What kind of Popsicle? [Voice Talkng:] Yeah [Girl:] Don't matter [Voice Talkng:] Huh? [Girl:] It don't matter [Voice Talking:] It don't matter? [Girl:] Nope [Voice Talking:] So what, you gonna do that to mine, ain't you? [Girl:] Nope [Voice Talking:] Well you ought to. I mean you ought to go run to the store and you know they would never know what you practicing for. They'll like, "Girl you trying to put some weighty not a Popsicle and in the back of your mind no I'm practicing to suck Kid Rock's dick. You know? That would be kind of sweet, wouldn't it?