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You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me (Kid Rock)

Yep I've been on the cover of the Rolling Stone I met the president when I was half stoned I've been so high I've gotten confused I been beat down, broke and used, motherfucker I drank with Hank, talked blues with Billy Rocked with Run, sang with Shotgun Willy Went from small time Philly to big time Bobby From three day old chili to Saki with Wosabi I'm home, hey, I'm home You never met a motherfucker quite like me Not like me, dida, dada, like me, hey, like me No more bein' poured drink specials at winners Or being ignored by the think straight sinners I used to smoke pinners while my moms made dinner Now I smoke bombs and rock with Lynyrd Skynyrd No beginners here, I'm a seasoned vet Educated on jazz by my man Amed Heard again my friend I been the world and back But I'm Michigan boy can you feel that And I'm home You never met a motherfucker quite like me Not like me, god damn like me, hey, hey, like me Never thought I'd go as far in life as this Never made par and I could give two shits Never wanted sell cars, 'cause my dad was a dick Never wanted a guitar till I heard a lick like this And from the depths of dixie to my northern spots You know it's time to rock when ole glory drops I pimp through town with the top laid back Black hat, fine blonde, cold pabst in my lap I'll adapt to any and all situations That's why they call me the pimp of the nation And hey bitch, you best believe I live in the woods not your world of greed Might, a little weed might a little, yeah I'm so proud to be living in the U.S.A. You've never met a motherfucker quite like me Hey, hey, like me, da, di da da stay like me Hey, hey, hey, like me You ain't ever met and you ain't never going meet You never met a, never met a, never, never, never Never met a motherfucker quite like me You ain't never met a mother like me Hey, you ain't never, never, never, never Never met someone like me (Hey, hey) Never met like me (Hey hey) (Dude, hey) Never met a mother like me (Come on, hey) And you never and you never gonna (Hey come on already) You never, never gonna, you'll never meet (Stop) What? Dude, there's just more to life that just you