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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Still In Love With You (Jonas Brothers)

E A E 1. She was all I ever Wanted D A She was all I ever needed and more C She walked out my door E Then she went away A E Left my heart in two A E Left me standing here A H Singing all these blues A E H R: You left without a single ord Not even sorry A E H It might of hurt worse to hear you say I'm leaving goodbye But your smile still makes my heart sing Another sad song Can't forget it, won't regret it Cause I'm still in love with you 2. We had fun under the sun And when winter came she'd be my angel We were so in love Yeah she went away Left my heart in two Left me standing here Singing all these blues R: You left without... I don't know what hurts worse baby Seeing you with him or being alone On my own I know he doesn’t love you baby Not like I did oh what's the point You're not listening anyway R: You left without...