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Time for Me to Fly (Jonas Brothers)

[Verse 1] I've been wasting my time I've been losing my mind I've been running races Still don't know what I've been chasing But my eyes still can see Bluer skies that wait for me And I'm on my way [Chorus] Time for me to fly Time for me to soar Time for me to open up my heart and knock on heavens door Time for me to live It's time for me to sing Time for me to lay down all my worries and I'll spread my wings Time for me to fly [Verse 2] The earth can be a heavy ride When the clouds are in your eyes But I feel a calling I will rise, I won't be falling And I'll escape the gravity And I'll reach my destiny And I'll fly away [Repeat Chorus] [Bridge] The gates of heaven will open wide I will be I will rise There won't be compromise As I take to the open skies I will fly away I will fly away I will fly away