Basin Street Blues (Armstrong Louis)

G7 C G7 Cdim C C Dm7 Cdim C Won't you come along with me C Dm7 C7 G7+5 C B G7+5 Down that Mis - sis - sip - pi; C C7 F Fm We'll take a boat to the land of dreams, C G/B Am7 B9 G7 C G Steam down the river down to New Orleans. C G7 Cdim C C Dm7 Cdim C The band's there to greet us, C C7 G7 G7+5 C B G7+5 Old friends will meet us, C C7 F Fm Where all people like to meet C C/B Am7 Am7/G G7 C G7 Heaven on earth, they call it Basin Street C C/B E7 Basin Street is the street A7 A7/9 A A7 Where the elite always meet -- D Am7 D9 G7 In New Orleans, land of dreams C9 C CM7 Cdim You'll never know how nice it seems Dm7 Em7 F7 G7 Or just how much it really means. C C/B E7 Glad to be, yessiree, A7 A7/9 A A7 Where welcomes free, dear to me, F Dm7 G7 G7/6 G7 G7/6 C C F Fm B9 C Where I can lose my Ba - sin Street Blues.