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And It Stoned Me (Van Morrison)

G D C G 1. Half a mile from the county fair, and the rain came pouring down G D C G Me and Billy standing there with a silver half a crown G D C G Hands full of fishing gear, and the tackle on our backs G D C G We just stood there getting wet, with our backs against the fence Ami D R: Oh, the water Ami D Oh, the water Ami D Emi Oh, the water Let it run all over me G C G D And it stoned me to my soul G D Stoned me just like jelly roll Emi G And it stoned me G C G And it stoned me to my soul G D Stoned me just going home Emi G And it stoned me 2. And the rain let up, and the sun came out, we were getting dry Almost glad a pickup truck nearly passed us by So we jumped right in and the driver grinned and he dropped us up the road We looked at the swim, and we jumped right in not to mention fishing poles R: Oh, the water... 3. On the way back home we sang a song, but our throats were getting dry Then we saw the man from across the road with the sunshine in his eyes Well he lived all alone in his own little home with a great big gallon jar There were bottles too, one for me and you, and he said "Hey there you are" R: Oh, the water...