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Back Street Affair (Van Morrison)

You didn't know I wasn't free When you fell in love with me And with all your young heart You learned to care It brought you shame and disgrace The world has tumbled in your face Because they call our love A back street affair They say you wrecked my home I'm a husband that's gone wrong They don't know the sorrow That we had to bear While the one I was tied to Was the first to be untrue How can they call our love A back street affair Well, we have each other now That's all that matters anyhow While the judgment Of gossips never fair We'll just be brave and strong Then someday they'll see they're wrong So, let them call our love A back street affair We'll be free to love someday When all the talk has died away And the happiness we hoped for Then we'll share And I'll climb a mountain high And the world will hear me cry That our love is not A backstreet affair