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It's All Right (Van Morrison)

If it matters how you do it, And how you do it it's your thing. If it matters which way you go, That's your way to go. And if you get it like that, That's the way you get it, 'Cause you get it like that When you want to be that way, When you wanna be that way, That's the way you wanna be, see. Hey! It's all right. Hey! Yeah, its all right. Now that you try to do to me Out there a-walkin' doesn't matter, baby Ain't no question, no suggestion Nothin' in my mind that can't be Shut out when I want it to be Nothin' in yours that can't be kept in When you open it up and lose it And nothin' you can't let out If it's got to be let out, just let it out And don't worry which way it goes. Chorus Now how can I tell you that I love you How can I say so many words and so many syllables In such a short space of time as this Just turn it on and soak it in And let it run off the walls And let it down, keep it, and don't lose it Or confuse it It's just right there layin' open Completely open for everybody to see Yeah, you got it.