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Talk Is Cheap (Van Morrison)

Kicked your gift-horse in the teeth Crowd gathered round in the street You killed your savior new one can't be found Talk is cheap your savior's highway bound You read the tabloids every day They're giving lots of things away They went to build you up So they can bring you down Talk is cheap it's gonna Could make them a million pounds Now baby don't put your business on the telephone Tell your girlfriend just to leave me alone Tell her to watch her mouth before she talks to anybody anybody Oh 'cause talk is cheap it comes with the territory Sometimes it's back-to-front sometimes it's upside down Put your money where your mouth is when you come around Backbiters and syndicators walking from Chinatown Oh talk is cheap why don't you lay your money down Well they say you can't shut up a god damn fool Ain't no exception to the rule It's blah, blah, blah, blah Just like a nursery rhyme Talk is cheap almost all the time Alright Yes, talk is cheap Almost all the time