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Wasted Years (Van Morrison)

Wasted years been brainwashed by lies Oh yes I have Oh wasted years I'm talking about wasted years Oh I'm not seeing eye-to-eye I just can't see the things I should see Wasted years, baby I was taking the wrong advice I know you was, I know you was And I was too All alone I'm traveling Traveling through these wasted years For so long, so long, so long I was Oh, I must have gained some wisdom Down through the years I did Somewhere along the way Oh yes, I did, oh yes I did That's why there can't be no more No more No more wasted years today I got wise, I got wise to myself Well baby the great sadness Oh, you've got to let it all go Oh yeah, oh yeah Van Live in the present Live in the future John Lee, ain't that so Oh, it's a sad feeling, oh yeah Oh, you've gotta find something To carry you through, carry you through, Carry you through I've learned my lesson I ain't gonna do it no more, yeah Now Van Now John I've learned my lesson I should have a long time ago That's right All these wasted years, wasted years I finally woke up and got wise I ain't gonna be, ain't gonna be no fool no more Now Van, now Van Ain't gonna be nobody's body's fool no more Sing the song Van, sing it with me Well all alone, all alone I've been traveling Yeah Traveling all along through these wasted years Dark, dark wasted years So dark here Dark, dark, dark, dark wasted years I must have gained something Yeah Oh traveling along the lonely way Yeah, I've learned a lesson I'm gonna make damn sure baby, make damn sure There's no more wasted years today