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Who Drove the Red Sports Car? (Van Morrison)

Who drove the red sports car from the mansion And laid upon the grass in summer time? And who done me out high time fashion And made me read between the lines? And who said, "Follow the mind, it's your only chance, Sit on your throne, you got to make it on your own, on your own"? And who said, "Ha, ha, look at you, look at you, You got jam on your face." And who did your homework and read your Bible And signed your name every place ? And who said, "Fortunes untold lie, don't go by gold, You're much better known, you got to make it on your own, On your own." Ah, ah, uh-huh. And do you remember, do you remember this time, I said a long time ago when I came walkin' down, I came walkin' down, ha, by Maggie's place, ha ha ha, It started comin' on rain, huh, it started comin' on rain, 'Cause I had nothing on but a shirt and a pair of pants And I was getting wet, I was getting wet, saturated, saturated, baby And Maggie opened up the window and Jane swung out her right arm, She said, "Hi!" I said. "Hi, how're you doing, baby?" She said, "Come on in out the rain, come on in out the rain, Lord, come on in out the rain, sit down by the fireside, And dry yourself." Achoo, do it, do it, a-ha ha ha, I got caught, I got caught An I got, got a bag, got a bag, baby, oh Lord, I said, "I don't mind if I do, I don't mind if I do." Ha, aah... Haa, it's a bag I mean, huh, you know you gotta You know, you sort-a turn it upside down Somethin' like, put it on a rack Fold it n', press it 'n FADES- Call it a record or somethin' like that goin'