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Why Must I Always Explain? (Van Morrison)

Have to toe the line, I've got to make the most Spent all the years going, from pillar to post Now I'm standing on the outside and I'm waitin' in the rain Tell me why must I always explain Bared my soul to the crowd eh but oh what the cost Most of them laughed out loud like nothings been lost There were hypocrites and parasites and people that drain Tell me why must I always explain Why, why must I always explain Over and over, over again It's just a job you know and it's no sweet Lorraine Tell me why must I always explain Well I get up in the morning and I get my brief I go out and stare at the world in complete disbelief It's not righteous indignation that makes me complain It's the fact that I always have to explain I can't be everywhere at once, there's always somebody to see And I never turned out to be the person that you wanted me to be And I tell you who I am, time and time and time again Tell me why must I always explain Well it's out on the highway and it's on with the show Always telling people things they're too lazy to know It can make you crazy, yeah it can drive you insane Tell me why must I always explain.