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You Make Me Feel So Free (Van Morrison)

Some people spend their time just runnin' round in circles Always chasing some exotic bird I prefer to spend some time just listening for that special something That I've never ever heard I like a new song to sing, another show or somewhere entirely different to be But baby you make me feel so free And so I yearn for mistress calling me That's the muse, that's the muse But we only burn up with that passion When there's absolutely nothing left to lose I make it to spring and there's no bed of roses Just more hard work and bad company But baby you make me feel so free I heard them say that you can have your cake and eat it But all I wanted was one free lunch How can I eat it when the man that's next to me, he grabbed it Lord, he beat me to the punch How can I even talk about freedom When you know it's sweet mystery But baby I want to say that you make me feel so free I'm gonna lay my cards just right down on the table And spin the wheel and roll the dice And whatever way it comes out And whatever way it turns out Well you know that's the price Well I'll order again there's no need to explain I just need somewhere to dump all my negativity But baby you make me feel so free What ya say what you say What you say what you say what you say Say it say it say it say it again You make me feel so free. So doggone free