Who Loves The Sun (The Velvet Underground)

e|-10-----5----7-----4-----5---| B|-10-----5----7-----5-----5---| G|-11--------------------------| D|-12--------------------------| A|-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------| A Ab WHO LOVES THE SUN A Gb WHO CARES THAT IT MAKES PLANTS GROW D Dm WHO CARES WHAT IT DOES A SINCE YOU BROKE MY HEART A B7 PA PA PA PA E7 A WHO LOVES THE SUN A B7 PA PA PA PA E7 A WHO LOVES THE SUN A B7 PA PA PA PA E7 A NOT EVERY ONE A B7 PA PA PA PA D A WHO LOVES THE SUN ..SINCE YOU BROKE MY HEART e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| G|---4/7---4---5H---7H---5---4----| D|----------------------------5---| A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------| e|--------------------------------| B|--------------------------------| G|---3----2P---3H---5----3----2P--| D|-----------------------3---3----| A|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------| e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|-4----2----1----2----------------| D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------|