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Another Trippy Day (Chicago)

The city wakes A slow crescendo And the floor beneath me shakes A downtown 'A' train passing So in my dream The subway rumble Drives a cinematic scene Open my eyes The silent thunder Of a room I recognize A hint of distant jazzing Lovers embrace Just barely morning I turn and see her face Think I'm headed for a trippy day Got a groove on' and I want to say: "come on, come on I want to dance tonight" Think I'm headed for a trippy day Everybody gonna find a way Come on, come on I want to play tonight It's on the street The tunes are right there You can't deny the beat The drum loop got me jumpin' Like neon glow The urban buzzing Still, you are all I know Life is feeling like some dreamy fantasy Ambient and intimate, a prophesy I never knew such sweet times I may be just lucky fool