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Holdin' On (Chicago)

Walkin' through time Reachin' for yesterday 'Cause we're frightened of tomorrow Trying to find The feeling that's gone astray, far away I remember the look in your eyes Love we made unafraid Now we've opened the window So let's not close the shade [CHORUS] Holdin' on 'Cause the memory of you Is something I just can't erase Holdin' On I don't know what to do 'Cause the pieces won't fit into place But no matter what happens We can't let it end this way So far away So close to something new But we're holdin' off tomorrow Maybe someday We'll find what we need to do, until then We'll be doing the best that we can Out of rhyme, out of time While we're hiding our feelings We're leaving love behind [CHORUS] Far away Reachin' for yesterday So far away Something had gone away So afraid To find what we had [CHORUS]