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I Believe (Chicago)

I used to be the first one to cry So afraid of a lonely tomorrow. Heartache was all that I had To call my own - so all alone. You came along and gave to my life Something more than the pain and the sorrow. Now that you're with me, we'll never be alone, In love, in love. [Chorus:] I believe In the love that you gave, I believe In the life that you saved, I believe how you make me feel Today I believe in you Night after night, I waited alone For something deeper than yesterday's feelings. Never believing that love would ever come To me - oh no. Then there was you, and out of the blue, Once a heart that was broken was healing. Love is the reason we'll never be alone, Oh no - oh no [Chorus] I still believe, Believe in something right. 'Cause I love you for believing in me. I believe in you. [Chorus]