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If She Would Have Been Faithful... (Chicago)

I was thinking about her Visiting the past Reconstructing details with old photographs Studying the faces With an objective point of view Suddenly remembering doesn't haunt me At the time you couldn't tell me That one day I'd be glad That something that I thought was love was misinterpreted She had another lover - she emphatically denied But they were doin' me a favor A blessing in disguise [Chorus:] If she would have been faithful If she could have been true Then I would've been cheated I would never know real love I would've missed out on you I watch you sleeping - your body touchin' me There's no doubt about it This is where I want to be It's so ironic- I had to lose to win I want to thank her (Thank her again) [Chorus] [Bridge:] It's a paradox - full of contradiction How I got from there to here It defies a Logical explanation [Chorus]