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Make Me Smile (Chicago)

C#m A E Assus4 As 1. Children play in the park they don't know C#m A E Assus4 As I'm alone in the dark even though C#m B E A Assus4 Time and time again I see your face As smilin' inside E D A E D A R1: I'm so happy that you love me E D A E D A life is lovely when you're near me E C#m B A Tell me you will stay make me smile 2. Livin' life is just a game so they say All the games we used to play fade away We may now enjoy the dreams we shared so long ago R2: Oh my darlin' got to have you feel the magic when I hold you Cry sweet tears of joy touch the sky R3: Now I need you more than ever no more cryin' we're together Tell me you will stay make me smile