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Now (Chicago)

If there's something you want to say then say it now If there's someone you want to love then love them now You don't want to miss all this 'Cause it would be the biggest mistake of your life to never try If there's a song you wanna sing then sing it now If there's a life you want to live then live it now 'Cause it'll be gone, hold on Don't you let your second chances get away, don't wait 'Cause now This is the time we must start living in Let's make a change while it's not too late Let's make a place where love is happening The world is going by There's no greater time than now If there's someone who needs a hand then give it now If there's someone you want to teach then show them how Just show 'em the light inside The one that show's us how tomorrow's gonna be Plant a seed The world is going by We can make it right That's the reason why we're here Open up your heart Shine from where you are Come together brother, sister now